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Protective Scope Covers - By Beartooth Products

You see a game appearing in the far distance, and you flip-open the Butler Creek Eyepiece Scope Cover. As an experienced hunter, you already knew that the fast, flip open design custom fits most scopes. A superb component, an ambidextrous silent spring hinges won't spoil your hunt, and the instant action lids pop open easily with your thumb. 

Your scope is tightly anchored by a water-tight, custom-fit friction mounts while an air-tight semi-O-ring keeps moisture and dust from entering the scope. Weighing less than an ounce and performing from an amazing wide temperature range of - 40 to 120 Degrees F, the scope is offered for $10.43 without shipping.

Hunting can be a tricky game and with this you will need Beartooth’s sophisticated hunting accessories like Scope Covers that can perfectly allow you to view your scope without any haze of dust or moisture, permitting you to assess precisely your target, perfect for woodland or bottom land hunting, and designed for big game hunting in open bush lands, and the natural brush environments surrounding you.

Almost 80 percent of American support legal hunting and while a relatively low number may be considered as practitioners or avid hunters, many believe that hunting can also support conservation. You can be a part of the more than 13 million hunters in the US whose license fees have contributed to the preservation of wildlife habitat. A large number of them have used Beartooth products to increase their competence and skills in hunting. You can visit site :

At Beartooth, we have contributed to the programs of wild game hunting industry by sponsoring activities on gun safety, hunting education and conservation, and through donations, we contribute positively to the privilege of being part of a great tradition and reap the benefits and exhilaration of being part of a hunting culture.

The stylized pursuit of a game needs the sophisticated hunting and gun accessories of Beartooth products like protective Scope Covers and other shooting products. 

We build the best gear possible with our design philosophy, incorporating the latest materials and attention to detail with superior craftsmanship. We apply numerous rigid tests on the products like Scope Covers before offering these to you. Your satisfaction is our number one priority in the end-use design of Beartooth products. 

With the use of professional and high quality hunting tools and accessories, you can develop responsible hunting and can help in the conservation of wildlife and prevention of the extinction of significant fauna in the open and forested wilderness.

You can stalk your game better with Beartooth hunting accessories like the Scope Covers that gives you the opportunity to preserve the integrity of your visual field and engage your target in a clear fashion. Whether you go for big game or small game hunting Beartooth products are available to make your hunting sorties successful. 

Hunting is both a skill and an art and in the process of undertaking a somewhat difficult, sometimes dangerous personal mission, without Beartooth hunting accessories like the Scope-Covers, the skill and art could be diminished. You enhance your abilities with the application of Beartooth gun accessories.